Product Summary

The TMRM70DAM22GG is an OEM/tray microprocessor.


TMRM70DAM22GG general specifications: (1)V core:1.075V to 1.125V; (2)Maximum operating temperature:100℃; (3)Input Voltage:1.1 V DC; (4)Thermal Design Power:31 W; (5)Process Technology:65 nm; (6)Clock Speed:2 GHz; (7)Processor Socket Socket:S1; (8)L1 Cache:256 KB; (9)L2 Cache:1 MB.


TMRM70DAM22GG features: (1)Features MMX technology; (2)SSE; (3)SSE2; (4)SSE3; (5)AMD64 technology; (6)Virtualization technology; (7)Enhanced Virus Protection; (8)Low power features Enhanced Power technology; (9)Independent Dynamic Core technology; (10)Dynamic Power management; (11)CoolCore technology; (12)On-chip peripherals; (13)Dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM memory controller; (14)HyperTransport technology.